The Crystal of Abundance, Love, and Wisdom—Emeralds!
As the quintessential green crystal, emeralds have been admired for thousands of years. Famous figureheads like Queen Elizabeth and Cleopatra consistently wore emeralds. And the stones are also the popular birthstone for people born in May. When you consider the metaphysical properties of emeralds, though, the crystals are actually so much more.

Activating the Heart Chakra with Emeralds

There’s a tradition of calling emerald the “stone of successful love.” As a powerful heart chakra crystal, emeralds can help cultivate peace and build loyalty in romantic relationships. They also work to reveal the best traits of the people around you. By shining a positive, energetic light on your current situations, emeralds can even break down emotional barriers you may have built in the past.

Emeralds remind us to bring harmony to all aspects of our life. Being open to self-love doesn’t always come naturally, and many people have a habit of carrying around old traumas in their heart chakra too. It’s obviously important to establish healthy boundaries and balance within our relationships. But protecting this chakra doesn’t mean closing it off entirely.

You can also use these crystals to help heal unhealthy attachments, grief, or other emotional wounds and painful experiences. Emeralds are known for providing strength, and working with emerald can also help you reconnect with the purest form of love. It’s a great stone whenever you’re seeking compassion and clarity.

Other Emerald Meanings and Properties

Today, we might also associate emeralds with money and abundance. As one of the standard manifesting stones, emeralds can help attract wealth and encourage success in your financial pursuits. If you’re looking to bring more prosperity into your life, you might want to set your intentions with emeralds.

A lot of people also find connections between emerald crystals and their intuition. The ancient astrologers often linked emeralds to innovation and imagination. These stones can be especially helpful when you want your creative efforts to reach others on a deeper emotional level.

On the flip side, emeralds can improve our intellect too. The stones offer an interesting blend of support for both the “head” and the “heart.” Emeralds have ties to the planet Mercury, which rules our mental nature. So this could be a helpful stone for your desk, or a good crystal to wear or keep in your pocket any time you’re working to learn something new! Essentially, emeralds provide wisdom—and that’s useful for every stage of life, no matter your personal journey.

Shopping for Your Emerald Stones

Emeralds are found in plenty of different shapes and sizes. They also come in a wide variety of hues. Some are deep green and translucent. Others are paler and more opaque. When you’re using emeralds for metaphysical work, there isn’t really one type of emerald that’s better than another. Just follow your intuition. That’s what makes browsing all sorts of emeralds for sale so much fun!

There’s a lot to explore on our website, and new pieces are getting listed all the time. We love being able to hand-select emerald stones for our inventory. Hopefully you’ll find an emerald that speaks to you! And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!