Jill and Rob Carroll, Owners of Dinomite Rocks & Gems

Family-Run and Intentionally-Focused

What started as a life-long hobby, Dinomite Rocks & Gems has purposefully grown from our days of hunting dinosaur bones and exploring jasper claims in the Owyhee Canyonlands during the early 2000s. Even as amateurs, we came across some pretty cool finds. So as the years went by, and we collected more and more material, we realized we needed to start selling. And things just took off from there! 

In 2009, I took the leap to invest all of my savings and launch the business. Of course, it was never just me. Dinomite has always had other people helping. But there were a lot of long hours at the start because I was working before and after my regular job. Eventually, I was able to leave that position to make this my career. Starting the business in Boise, Idaho we were excited to announce in January of 2021 we now have a second location in Quartzsite, Arizona.

Today, our knowledgeable and passionate team includes Jill Carroll (me), Rob Carroll (my husband), my best friend, my sister, and—our dogs! They’re always somewhere nearby, either roaming the shop or the rock yard. 

Even though our direction has moved from paleontology to the metaphysical, the name Dinomite Rocks & Gems has always stuck. I grew up collecting agate on the Oregon coast, and everything since has just clicked into place. We love that we get to speak with peaceful, like-minded people every day, and it’s so fun to watch our customers find the stones and crystals that speak to them. We put a lot of heart into how we work, and we appreciate your support!

We hand-select our material as much as possible. And we take detailed photos to help you shop.

If you’re like us, there are two main factors whenever you’re shopping for a new rock, gem, or crystal. The clarity of the piece is obviously important, but you also want it to carry a positive energy. That’s why we take the extra time to select the best material possible. And more importantly, we only buy from people who have great energy. Listening to our intuition and being extremely careful with our inventory space helps ensure that our customers have a wonderful experience with us.

Buying a new crystal or stone is very personal. So when you’re shopping online, we want you to have an honest way to assess what’s attracting you—and what you want to bring into your home. Rather than say, “you’ll get one similar” for every different type of product listing, we like to devote some of our time to photographing items individually.

We take pride in what we sell, and we believe in the power of choosing your own stones and crystals based on what feels right. Being able to review accurate pictures is a big part of those decisions. (Plus, it’s just more fun to browse with photos!)

Looking for something special?

The nature of our work puts us in touch with the best of the best in mining around the world, and we continue to grow these relationships every year. If you need help locating that perfect crystal or stone for your collection, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’d love to see if we can help.

Also, please be sure to add your name to our e-newsletter signup! Our inventory is constantly changing, and joining our Crystal Community is a great way to stay in-the-loop for early access to our exciting new finds. We hope to hear from you soon!