Healing Traits of Kammererite and New Growth

This may not be a crystal that you have heard about very often. So, finding new information about kammererite can be somewhat challenging. In general, though, most people respond to kammererite’s metaphysical properties in similar ways.

Just by looking at kammererite, there is definitely an energetic yet calming quality to them. That is only deepened when you can hold them in your hand. If you have not spent time with these stones yet, they might be great to add to your collection. This crystal has the potential to be a manifesting crystal when you reflect on a personal intention.

Differences with Kammererite Stones

The kammererite color palette is based on deep violets and pale greens. The polished stones are opaque, and each one has a unique look with its own color gradients whether its dominant color is green or purple. They are also a little harder to locate, which is part of the reason why the kammererite price point is higher than other crystals. It is also worth noting that kammererite is sometimes spelled as “kammerite.” (But we tend to stick with the first version.)

Kammererite Energy Work

One of things that makes this unique is that it does not really follow the same energetic patterns of other stones. We can typically relate a crystal’s color to the corresponding chakra color for our energetic body.

Since kammererite is usually purple, you might think it primarily works on the third eye chakra. But the metaphysical properties of kammererite are a little more nuanced. Some intuitives will notice that this crystals also stimulate the crown chakra. The stones can affect our physical body too.

When mediating with kammererite, you might want to lie down on the floor and place a stone on your forehead. This can help open your third eye. During your practice, you might feel that any stiffness in your joints or tightness in your muscles just melts away. 

The vibrational energy of kammererite is known for alleviating pain—on all levels. Because the stone has connections with the crown chakra, it can help calm overactive thoughts and anxiety, or the “monkey mind.” This is a useful crystal for overcoming negative patterns of thinking. So, you might want to choose kammererite when you are hoping to clear energy blocks. When we can clear our mind, we gain clarity. That transition might help you to start asking new questions about what truly matters most in your life.

As a result, this stone’s vibration can be a powerful initiator for change. This crystal tends to guide us toward new opportunities as it challenges old beliefs that no longer serve us. Basically, you can trust kammererite to balance the third eye chakra, access the crown chakra, and offer healing energy to our physical body—all at the same time.

Looking for Kammererite Crystals?

Kammererite is really a wonderful crystal for all types of growth, and it is not as common as most other cleansing crystals. That is part of what makes this stones so interesting!

We love having kammererite for sale because it has such a unique energy. And because these stones are somewhat rare, we are happy when we can offer a variety of pieces to choose from. Different shapes and color patterns will speak to you in different ways, so please continue to check back in on our kammererite inventory. We are constantly adding new crystals—and we hope we can help you find the ones that are best for you!