Lava to Stone—What Makes Black Obsidian Special? - Dinomite Rocks & Gems

Both dark and glossy, comforting and mysterious, black obsidian can seem to have a lot of characteristics that are at odds. But when you look closer, the stone reflects deeper meanings. It’s particularly interesting to use in meditation practices. And yet it can also make an impact when left alone, just on display. There are plenty of reasons to love these pieces!

Where Does Obsidian Come From?

Before diving into the metaphysical properties of obsidian, it helps to start with its origins. Also called volcanic glass or glassy lava, black obsidian first rises up from volcanos as lava, then it undergoes a rapid cooling process on the earth’s surface.

We find black obsidian all over the world, from Japan and New Zealand, to Kenya, Scotland, North America, and beyond. The wide accessibility made the material especially useful for Aztec communities and Native Americans, and it also dates back to the prehistoric era. Black obsidian has quite the history, so it’s only natural that people continue to be drawn to the stones today. It’s been used for all types of tools, including arrowheads, as well as jewelry and even mirrors with the ancient Greeks.

Black Obsidian Meanings and Qualities

Many people intuitively relate black obsidian to the elements of fire, earth, and water. Since the stone’s formation moves through multiple stages, it definitely has a unique appeal. Similar to moldavite, it’s born from powerful forces, The intense impact of the meteor that created moldavite and the volcanic eruptions that give rise to obsidian have a significant effect on the stones themselves.

Like many black and dark stones, black obsidian corresponds with the root chakra and has a reputation for repelling negative energies. It embodies strength and protection too. Some people sense this stone’s vibration as a sort of psychic shield that simultaneously delivers clarity. You might also find that its presence calms different sensations of stress in your life.

Find Your Personal Connection with Obsidian

As with any stone or crystal, there will be some aspects of black obsidian that resonate with you more than others. That’s why we always approach back to the practice of setting personal intentions. You might find black obsidian to be a great fit for personal reflection. (After all, it’s definitely got those “mirror” qualities.) Then again, you could also consider the stone for supporting your journey as a sort of armor, shielding you from challenging energies or other mental, emotional, or spiritual obstacles along your path. You might identify with the stone’s sharp edges as helping you “cut through” any of those blocks.

What’s more, there are different variations of obsidian! Some come with a reddish tint because they contain some hematite. But most of the time, you’ll find it in that typical jet-black state. Either way, you can choose from polished stones, black obsidian obelisks, replica arrowheads, pyramids, and more. Feel free to browse our black obsidian collection to see what stands out to you! We hand-select all of our material, and we take pride in sharing specific photos for each piece. If you’re interested in this stone, we hope the right one finds its way to you!