Meet Moldavite: The Stone of Transformation - Dinomite Rocks & Gems

When you want to learn about moldavite, it’s best to start with its history. You see, moldavite is a special type of tektite—those natural glass rocks that meteors create on impact. Around 15 million years ago, one meteor hit near the Moldau River in today’s Czech Republic. That event caused the silica sand in the area to spew up the beautiful green “space glass” that we now call moldavite. It’s only found in that one part of the world, and it’s well-known for having a very high vibrational energy.

We often refer to moldavite as the stone of transformation. So if you’re interested in the cosmos or love anything to do with the sky (like me!), then you might find yourself really resonating with moldavite. After all, it was formed by a massive rock that literally fell from the sky. It tends to have a deep connection to the higher good and meaningful change.

Why Does Moldavite Have Such a Strong Reputation?

There’s no question that moldavite is especially popular with metaphysical people, and its powerful presence is widely reported. Many individuals will get a tingly or warm sensation on the top of their crown chakra when they’re near moldavite. We even have people come into our shop who will quickly pick up on its energy and ask, “Do you have moldavite in here?”

My personal story with moldavite seems to follow that path too. I actually feel like it was the first stone that “got my attention” in a more profound sense. Years ago, I found this one particular piece of faceted moldavite at a rock show. I just couldn’t get my mind off it, and I kept circling back. My mother actually decided to buy it for me because I was so hesitant about making the purchase! But once I had it, I immediately went to pick out a gold setting to wear it in a pendant. And just a few months after owning and wearing this piece, I quit my good-paying job and went all in with Dinomite Rocks & Gems.

The energies with the stone were really intense to me at first, even a little “nagging” at times. But I feel like this energy directly relates to moldavite being a stone of change. We’re all resistant to change at different points in our lives. Even getting a little push to make a move can almost be painful in a way. This can happen even when that change is for your higher good.

I think a lot of people can feel that energy with moldavite. And the fact that it came into the world with such incredible force—that seems to play into its reputation as well. I really do credit moldavite for giving me a boost so many times in my life. It’s in my top three as far as my favorite stones and crystals.

Other Points to Ponder with Moldavite

Because moldavite only comes from a single source, the earth’s supply is a lot more limited than other crystals and stones. That makes it more difficult to get. It also means the prices have gone up. But when you find the right piece, you just sort of “know.” You’ll see real moldavite in all sorts of shades of green, from pale green to olives and even deep forest tones. It also comes in really unique patterns and textures when raw. (The raw form also seems to be more intense than faceted moldavite.)

All that being said, it’s especially important to know how to tell whether moldavite is real or not. This is a stone that gets faked a lot. Because moldavite is so rare, some people try to sell manufactured versions. These will look really “glossy” and more like an epoxy. So if you want to browse for moldavite, please make sure you’re considering reputable sources. Whenever a price sounds too cheap, there’s a reason! Real moldavite comes with more of an investment. But it’s also proven to be pretty good at bringing positive change into people’s lives.

Let Moldavite Help You Embrace Change

We’ve been gathering moldavite for years because we’ve noticed its influence in our own lives, as well as for our customers. You probably shouldn’t seek out this stone if you aren’t quite ready for a shift. But if you’re feeling open to change, moldavite can be a wonderful tool. We keep lots of moldavite around us in the shop, and time and time again we’ve noticed how it will affect people who don’t even identify as “crystal people.”

Even when my husband Rob was on the fence about crystal energy (back when he was still working in banking), he realized something different was going on with moldavite. For example, we once had one of Rob’s really good friends come with his wife. And for years and years, she had been talking about making a career change, so I decided to give her some moldavite without any explanation. A few months after that, we were happy to learn she made a change! We hear tons of stories like that about moldavite and its always exciting.

If you feel like moldavite could unlock some new potential for you or someone you know, we encourage you to browse our moldavite inventory. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us at and (208) 407-0817. We’d love to help you find the right piece!