Your motivation for turning to a grounding stone will change depending on what’s happening in your life. Sometimes, you might need to ground yourself after a stressful work day. Or perhaps you’re just naturally a little “spacey” and want to find ways to feel more grounded and in control on a daily basis. Every reason for wanting to get more “grounded” is valid. Working with special stones and crystals can help you be more present in the here and now.

Do Grounding Stones Work?

These days, we’re getting bombarded by different energies from every direction. You might be someone who feels easily overwhelmed or distracted by these energies. From the flood of media coming through our electronics, to our intricate personal relationships, or even the impatient shopper you’re standing behind at the grocery store—all of that adds up. Empaths and highly-intuitive people are often affected on a daily basis.

Then there are people like my husband. They are always cool and calm, so they don’t really need help with grounding. That’s great too! Neither of these types is “better” or “worse” than the other. And plenty of individuals live somewhere in the middle of the two.

Personally, I’m one of those people who always seems to have their head “in the clouds.” That’s why Rob is so great! He holds onto my feet, so to speak, and helps me to stay grounded. But I also use grounding stones to remind and support myself throughout the day. In that sense, you could say it’s a collaborative effort. The stones I choose aren’t going to magically make me feel more grounded. By they do have certain vibrations that help me, as an empath, to tune-in to what I’m working on.

Image of a person facing to the left with the left hand hanging down. Person is wearing a bracelet with small, dark stones for grounding inlaid.

I usually prefer to wear my grounding stones because then they’re a constant, physical reminder to not get too mentally or emotionally pulled in different directions. They also help me on a metaphysical level. Occasionally Rob will suggest that I put on my hematite necklace for a few days. I might also put a certain stone in my pocket if I’m feeling a little out of sorts. It just feels nice!

Creating Your Own Practice

There are a few stones that are traditionally linked to grounding, such as hematite, which is one of our favorites. The others tend to follow along with the root chakra color scheme too. So you might go with red calcite, or another darker-colored stone or crystal. Anything that seems to soothe your scattered energies or anxiety would be a good fit. Following your intuition tends to be the best guide.

When you find a crystal or stone that resonates with your own desires for grounding, then the next step is to set your intention. Maybe you’ve found a great piece of rose quartz that has hematite running through it. You could set it on the little end table where you like to drink your afternoon tea. Meditating with that, even on a basic level, could help you become more grounded as you move into the evening hours.

Or if you want something for on-the-go? You could choose a smaller, polished stone. It’s easy to tuck that in your pocket before you start your day. Then you can take it out whenever you need a minute or two to return to a more grounded state. The practice you adopt is all your own. Play around with different grounding techniques and stones, and enjoy the journey!

Do You Have Questions? We're Here to Help

If you have any questions about how to find the right crystal or stone for you, please feel free to email so we can take a closer look at our inventory. We’d love to help!