Get Ready to Activate Clear Quartz—the Master Healer - Dinomite Rocks & Gems
At the heart of any crystal collection, you’ll often find clear quartz. People are naturally drawn to quartz because the crystals themselves form in predictable ways, yet each piece is entirely unique. Typically a clear quartz crystal will have six sides, and that single crystal will end with a point, like a hexagonal pyramid. They in all sizes, but what makes clear quartz particularly special is its clarity.

Every crystal is different, but for the most part, you’ll be looking at a quartz that is colorless. Whether that means it’s completely transparent or that it has a pretty collection of wispy-like smudges inside, you really can’t go wrong with clear quartz because every piece is beautiful in its own way. So if you’re personally attracted to one crystal over another, it’s probably for a good reason.

The Healing Nature of Clear Quartz


Clear quartz crystals are universally recognized as “master healers.” They are known for having an especially high vibrational energy, and that links these crystals to our highest chakra. This also makes clear quartz ideal for seeking emotional or spiritual clarity.

Personally, I like to keep clear quartz crystal in pretty much every room of the house. It’s definitely my favorite type out of all the stones and crystals, and to me, the master healer qualities of clear quartz crystal really come through—no matter where it’s placed. There always seems to be a good vibe coming from these pieces. They’re great at transmuting negative energy, and it’s nice to always have some close by.

Connections to Other Stones and Chakras

Although directly connected with the crown chakra, it’s important to recognize that clear quartz can actually work on all of the chakras as a sort of “amplifier” for other crystals and stones. Just as it’s known to support clear intentions and the relationship with your higher self, you might also find clear quartz to magnify the vibrational energy of other stones and crystals too, and even cleanse them.

For example, if you have a pendant or a piece of jewelry that’s become your go-to for feeling grounded or pursuing another higher purpose, you might want to let clear quartz purify the energy that those stones or crystals have absorbed after days or weeks of wear. That way, all of the stones and crystals in your collection can just feel better and align with you more fully. It’s as simple as placing those pieces next to your clear quartz cluster, crystal points, or other displays. Then you can refocus your intentions and help drive new progress in your life.

Inviting Clear Quartz Crystals into Your Life

The influence of clear quartz can manifest in a variety of ways. It’s just about finding pieces that resonate with you—and then aligning your intentions with each crystal’s energy. This is where your intuition comes into play!

In different phases of my life I’ve been attracted to different stones and crystals, yet clear quartz has always been a constant. If you’re just starting to explore metaphysical teachings, or you simply want to bring a little more natural beauty into your home, there are a lot of possibilities with clear quartz shapes and sizes. Browse our collection, and maybe you’ll find something that speaks to you! Enjoy the journey!