Aligning with Universal Love and Energy: Meet the Charoite Crystals

As one of the rarer purple crystals, charoite isn’t a stone that most people have heard about. The crystals come only from Siberia, which means the supply is rather limited. In Russian the word “chary” is associated with magic—which is rather fitting! 

Once it’s cut and polished, charoite has a type of pearly luster with mixed translucency. The crystals come in swirling colors that range from lilac pink and lavender to dark purple and deeper violets. 

Charoite stones are usually found with pretty white quartz and black manganese inclusions, as well. This makes them even more stunning! This mix of crystals gives charoite a unique fibrous or spotted look. Each piece is truly unique. That makes it even more important to be patient while you browse the different types of charoite stones for sale. You want to be sure to find the ones that best speak to you. 

Transformative Magic with Charoite 

Whenever we find ourselves in a time of transformation and in that flux between endings and new beginnings, charoite is a great stone that can offer support. These phases in life should really be viewed as a celebration, and charoite reminds us of that. You can turn to charoite for some helpful introspection. Or you could embrace its metaphysical properties for dreamwork. 

You also might be drawn to charoite crystals during the colder months, and especially the winter solstice. This is a stone that’s linked to mysticism. You can find that it works to activate the third eye chakra. But it also has the power to open the heart and crown chakras too. 

Charoite and the Crown Chakra 

The crown chakra affects how we respond and interact with the world, so keeping it in alignment is key for having a positive and confident outlook on life. We tap into our crown chakra to stay true to our beliefs and spiritually. Moreover, it connects us to the universal energy around us. 

A balanced crown chakra provides us with clarity. This is key for navigating setbacks. What’s more, it allows us to feel more confident in making intuitive decisions based in love, rather than fear. Since the energetic vibrations of charoite are in tune with the crown chakra, it’s a fantastic crystal if you find yourself lacking the peace you need to embrace life to the fullest. 

Using Charoite Crystals for the Heart Chakra

 We can also embrace charoite to reconnect with the heart chakra, where we find emotional purity and foster loving relationships with others, as well as individually. These crystals help us release negativity. They also have the ability to help us understand and remove the unconscious worries that we may be carrying. 

There’s a stronger sense of being able to “let go” when we have charoite nearby. And because these crystals also hold energy that’s similar to amethyst, the two are a natural pairing! You can also use charoite with other soothing stones, such as blue lace agate, kunzite, and blue apatite. 

Dinomite Rocks & Gems—Charoite for Sale! 

Working with charoite crystals for cleansing can be especially transformative, not to mention informative! Its special ties to the entire chakra system, and especially the crown and heart chakras, allow this stone to adapt to your journey.

As always, though, it’s best to find the particular crystals that resonate with you on a personal level. Trusting our intuition is often the wisest teacher and guide.

 If you’ve been looking for charoite for sale, just browse the online shop at Dinomite Rocks & Gems. We really enjoy being able to hand-select our charoite crystals. This helps ensure that they’ll come to you already instilled with positive energy. These stones are rare, and that’s part of what makes them so appealing. We hope you’ll find a piece that feels like your very own!