Seraphinite for the Heart Chakra and Guardian Angel Connections

Crystals that are found in particularly isolated parts of the world tend to have unique and powerful metaphysical properties. Seraphinite is no exception! These crystals come from Siberia’s Lake Baikal region, and since Russia’s harsh terrain and climate can be difficult to navigate, Seraphinite crystals are considered quite rare. 

Lake Baikal itself is regarded as a holy place both by the indigenous shamanic people, as well as those who have come to experience the healing properties of Seraphinite for themselves. Metaphysical practitioners find that the stones from this region have especially high energy frequencies. And that makes Seraphinite a fantastic choice for anyone looking to develop and enhance their spiritual connections. 

Seraphinite Metaphysical Properties and Meaning 

The Seraphinite crystals are named after the seraphim angels in the Bible. This is the highest order of angels, and Isaiah describes them as having six wings each. Seraphinite's feather-y inclusions make this name really fitting. Those patterns are iridescent silver, and how they shimmer is really striking against the deep green color of these crystals. 

Also known as green chlorite or Serafina, Seraphinite has strong associations with the heart chakra. But it’s known to activate the entire chakra system too. You might find it to be a useful crystal for connecting with your spirit guides and guardian angels, or even to heighten your own gifts of clairvoyance. 

This is a stone that helps channel the Divine Feminine. When attuned to these frequencies, you can begin to embrace wholeness and love more easily. You might also experience more nurturing feelings. Seraphinite crystals tend to benefit all types of self-healing journeys, and can support us during times when we’re looking to deepen our relationships with others. It’s a fantastic crystal for encouraging reconciliation. 

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Pairing Seraphinite Slabs with Other Crystals 

In the Feng Shui philosophy, Seraphinite provides wood energy. This helps activate new growth and bring more health and vitality into our lives. It’s common to use these crystals in east or southeast areas, and in any room where you might be starting a new project. They’re also a good fit for children’s rooms. 

You can work with these stones alone, or even combine them with other crystals to help correct other blocked energies. Some of the crystals that pair well with Seraphinite include blue moonstone. As another crystal with feminine energy, this combination can have a distinct cleansing effect. 

For the energizing effects of Seraphinite, you can use it with sunstone, or even with tigers’ eye when you want to balance your energies and feel more grounded. Rose quartz and amethyst are other natural pairings since both have the tendency to fill us with gratitude and expand our heart space. 

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We love the pearly luster of Seraphinite. It’s a great crystal for cabochon jewelry because then the feathery inclusions can really sparkle. Plus, the range of colors complement both silver and yellow gold chains and settings. Since this is a relatively soft stone, though, it’s usually better to avoid using Seraphinite in rings. The crystal can split if it happens to hit a hard surface. So just place these stones in a new pair of earrings or a beautiful necklace instead! 

Seraphinite is also used for intricate carving work and unique pieces of décor. But you can even display polished Seraphinite all on its own. You can find Seraphinite for sale in slabs of all shapes and sizes. Then you can either use them to decorate your home or office, and then add them to your collection of crystals for metaphysical work.

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