Ready to Discover the Libyan Desert Glass Energy?

The pieces of Libyan Desert Glass found in the Sahara Desert of North Africa are often regarded as “meteorite gemstones.” They’re tektites, which means they were created by a powerful meteorite impact. When that mass hit the earth, the sand was heated to incredibly high temperatures. Then it rapidly cooled, forming a unique natural glass. Because of this, it’s easy to look at Libyan Desert Glass as a material that comes not just from the earth, but from outer space, as well. 

Some of the science suggests that Libyan Desert Glass is around 29 million years old. These stones also have a special history because they were found in King Tutankhamen’s burial chamber. Ancient Egyptians called these crystals the “Rocks of God.” They’re also called “Libyan Gold Tektite” and the “Great Sand Sea Glass,” too! 

The Beauty of Libyan Desert Glass 

These crystals come in all sorts of interesting shapes. It just depends on where the material was cooled within the surrounding terrestrial rock. They can be spherical or come in a more textured form with different types of drips and splashes. Libyan Desert Glass typically has those pits and craters when it’s been located deeper underground. The pieces found on the desert surface are usually much smoother because they’ve been naturally polished by the wind during desert sandstorms. 

Libyan Desert Glass has a distinct color for a tektite. Whereas moldavite tektites are green, true Libyan Desert Glass comes in different shades of yellow. You’ll find it ranges from pale to more of a burnt-yellow. It can even look like a bright lemon! In terms of its energetic properties, though, the color itself doesn’t exactly matter. The important thing with tektites is to trust whichever piece speaks to you. 

Libyan Desert Glass Properties 

All tektites—including Libyan Desert Glass and especially moldavite—can carry extremely influential metaphysical properties. Since they’re the result of such a strong force, they’ve intuitively held onto those properties and carry strong vibrational energy. 

Most people think of obsidian the same way. Those crystals are formed by volcanic explosions when the lava quickly cools. And just like moldavite and obsidian, Libyan Desert Glass can generate powerful effects for the people who wear them, or even just carry them throughout the day in their pocket. Basically, these aren’t crystals to be taken lightly! 

Libyan Desert Glass is great if you’d like to activate and balance your solar plexus chakra. Its potent vibration also puts it in the category of manifestation crystals. These work to strengthen your personal resolve, embrace your innate talents, and align your goals with the Universe. They can help move you toward a mentality of abundance. When that’s in place, it’s always fascinating to discover what you’ll begin to attract in your life! 

You can also turn to Libyan Desert Glass if you want to bolster your self confidence in social situations. It offers a lot of comfort and support when we’re looking to become more outgoing. Along the way, this crystal can also help us embrace a more playful and creative perspective. 

Find Your Crystals with Dinomite Rocks & Gems! 

Libyan Desert Glass is relatively rare, so you want to be sure you’re connecting with a piece that’s authentic. If you’re looking at Libyan Desert Glass for sale that’s super shiny, instead of that matte luster and somewhat frosty, it might actually be man-made. You’ll also notice that true Libyan Desert Glass has a unique velvety feel. When you touch it, you should find that it’s soft, not slick. 

We love being able to hand-select our Libyan Desert Glass crystals, because then we know we’re getting pieces that are truly special. If you’re ready to experience the power of these manifestation crystals for yourself, just browse our online storefront! We’re always excited to offer new tektites. Check back often and discover the ones that resonate with you!