The Energy of Lapis Crystals for Wisdom and Truth

The deep blue color of lapis lazuli crystals—often referred to simply as lapis—can’t be mistaken. And the rich intensity of those hues is only magnified when the stones include shimmers of gold pyrite inclusions or white calcite. 

These crystals are known for being truly dynamic. And not just for their looks and how they resemble the night sky. They’re also highly regarded for their calming energy and ability to deliver clarity. Lapis is commonly referred to as one of the wisdom stones. It can even offer protection against psychic attacks and help us reconnect with the natural state of peace during times of distress and anxiety. There are all sorts of benefits for working with the metaphysical energy of lapis. It’s all about being open to the possibilities and embracing our higher self! 

The Different Meanings of Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis has been popular in many eras and across various cultures, including the ancient Chinese, Greek, and Persian civilizations, as well as the Egyptian pharaohs. 

In addition to wearing the stones in their jewelry, people have also used lapis for vibrant blue powders and dyes. In the Renaissance period, lapis was often ground and used to create blue paint. They were also famously used by Cleopatra and others in Ancient Egypt as blue eyeshadow. But not only that, lapis offers specific energetic properties too! 

Lapis Stones for Clarity and Confidence 

We can turn to lapis lazuli for tapping into both our third eye chakra and solar plexus chakra. This is a unique combination because these two types of energies work to activate different types of inner-wisdom. 

Indigo crystals are typically associated with the third eye. This center is responsible for having us develop clear insights, whether that’s intellectually or intuitively. The solar plexus chakra, on the other hand, is where we activate and align with our personal desires and values. 

In this sense, lapis crystals are especially powerful tools for connecting with our authentic selves and making decisions accordingly. We can use these stones to set intentions for embracing the divine will, higher wisdom, and universal energy. Along the way, lapis can also remind us to stay true to our personal growth, sense of self, and individual perspectives. All these aspects of lapis can help give us the courage we need to freely express ourselves—and share our gifts with the world for the greater good. 

Working with the Energetic Properties of Lapis 

You can easily work with lapis to develop your inner-wisdom and intuition and to raise your awareness and consciousness. For example, you might wear lapis jewelry to connect with its energy all throughout the day. Or you can simply carry your favorite stone in your pocket! 

There are also benefits for placing lapis crystals in areas where you work. If you’re ever struggling to decide or need some extra encouragement to focus and quiet the “mental chatter,” then just hold the stone in your hand. This practice can help you reconnect with your intention and find peace. 

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