Canyon Diablo Meteorites: The Star Seeds for Spiritual Growth

Nearly 50,000 years ago, an asteroid fell to earth some three miles west of the Canyon Diablo in Flagstaff, Arizona. The fragments of this asteroid created by the impact are commonly referred to as Canyon Diablo Meteorites, and their energy is known to be extremely powerful. 

These stones are brown, gray, and red. Some also have inclusions with a silver coloring. They often have small impressions and a rough, earthy texture. Along with that, though, you can really think of them as “space rocks” or “star seeds.” Canyon Diablo Meteorites truly came from “out of this world.” And since they can only be found in one place, they’re rather special compared to other crystals and stones with metaphysical properties! 

What Makes Meteorite Energy So Special? 

Meteorites are rather different from Earth rocks. For one, they’re usually much older in relation to the timeline of our planet. They can even carry tiny particles of materials that were formed outside of our solar system, around other stars. The vibrational energy of meteorites is expansive and powerful, and many people find these stones to be especially beneficial for their spiritual growth. 

These are stones for transformation. Occasionally their energy can feel overwhelming, yet since they often contain heavy metals, such as iron and nickel, they also have the ability to provide grounding. The Canyon Diablo Meteorites in particular have direct connections with the crown and third eye chakras, which can help us strengthen our unique inner vision and connect with a higher consciousness. 

Benefits of Working with Canyon Diablo Meteorites

 You might consider meteorite energy to hold the power of the universe all in a single stone. And because of their relationship with the higher chakras, they help activate significant insights for your personal life and spiritual journey. They can enhance your intuition or telepathic gifts, and also support a deeper understanding within your dream work. 

Because of how Canyon Diablo Meteorites came to the earth, they tend to offer profound surges of energy to people who hold them. You might find yourself feeling more confident in pursuing new endeavors. They’re also a great fit for whenever you’re hoping to gain a clear sense of direction during challenging times. 

Meteorites can subtly encourage us to dream bigger, feel more daring, and embrace adventure. If you’re looking for a crystal to help offer protection as you enter a stage of transition, the Canyon Diablo Meteorites can be a wonderful tool. They often work to remind us to keep an open mind and find peace as we navigate the natural ebbs and flows of life. 

Meteorites and Other Healing Crystals—from Dinomite Rocks & Gems! 

The metaphysical energy of meteorites is both exciting and calming when you allow them to open your higher chakras. If you’re looking to expand your horizons with these powerful stones, please browse our inventory—and come back often! 

At Dinomite Rocks & Gems, we love being able to hand-select our crystals and Canyon Diablo Meteorites. It’s always fun to gather new inventory, especially for meteorites and tektites since they’re only found in small pockets of the world. We hope you find a piece that truly speaks to you as you look at what we have in stock!