What Stones are Good for Your Bedroom? - Dinomite Rocks & Gems

Whether you’re hoping to get better sleep or you’re seeking clarity, setting a new intention for your bedroom can help point you in the right direction. Placing stones and crystals by your bed is wonderful way to give yourself a more calming and centered space. After all, the bedroom marks both the start and end to every day. It’s nice to associate that place with the values that matter to you.

Three Best Stones and Crystals for the Bedroom

We have a few go-to recommendations for pieces that seem to work well in most bedrooms. As with any stone or crystal selection, though, you’ll have to listen to your intuition to find what feels best for your own environment. Hopefully these ideas can help inspire your process!

1. Shungite

This is a favorite stone for bedrooms because the majority of us are charging our cell phones right by the bed. Because shungite is associated with reducing EMFs, it’s a great stone to use as a “phone rest” at night. That way, while your phone is charging, your shungite can simultaneously work to help cleanse that surrounding energy.

2. Quartz Crystal

As the “master healer,” clear quartz crystal is always a popular choice for bedside tables. (And pretty much every room.) If you specifically want to transmute negative energy, this is the way to go. The all-around, good-vibes quality can help amplify all of your best intentions. Plus, clear quartz will complement any stone that you place beside it.

3. Arfvedsonite

If you want to tune in to your higher self, arfvedsonite might be a good fit for your bedroom. These stones are connected with both the third eye and crown chakras, which means they’re closely linked to spiritual growth. One customer gave us some great feedback and said that our polished arfvedsonite stones were “manifesting machines.” Sure, a lot of that relates to your own specific intentions, but we take that as a good sign for placing some arfvedsonite under the mattress!

Let Your Intuition Lead the Way

The best practice for choosing stones and crystals to bring into your home always starts with trusting your instincts. Narrowing your search according to the color of different stones—or to their corresponding chakras—can also be a helpful guide. Yet ultimately, it’s all up to you and how the pieces make you feel. Have fun while you , and you’re sure to find the right crystal for your needs.


Jill and Rob Carroll