What’s the Best Stone or Crystal for Me? - Dinomite Rocks & Gems

When you first start exploring stones and crystals, it’s natural to have questions about what the best crystal or stone to have is, and whether you’re making the right choice. You might want suggestions or even clear-cut answers. But telling someone what type of stone is best for them would almost be like saying what their favorite song should be, or even what name to give their pet. There are plenty of resources and guides—and that’s always what we hope to be for our customers—but it’s still all very subjective. The process of picking out a stone is ultimately up to you and how you feel!

Crystals, Stones, and the Chakra System

Some people realize that they want a piece to relate to a specific intention, like wanting to feel more grounded, or more creative and open-minded. Referencing the chakra system can be a great guide. We often talk about chakras with customers because the majority of stones coincide with one of the seven chakra levels.

For example, the fifth chakra is the throat chakra. This is associated with our ability to communicate clearly and truthfully. The chakra itself is also connected with the color blue. So if you find yourself reaching for a blue shirt or tie on the day you have to give a speech, you could say that’s a way of activating your fifth chakra. Letting yourself be drawn to particular colors can be an easy first step for your stones too.

Your Intuition is the Best Guide

Even if you think that you “don’t know” what you’re doing while shopping for crystals, you really, truly do. We see this time and time again with our customers, and it’s really interesting!

During one appointment the other week, four friends were browsing around, each on their own. Yet they were completely in sync with one another. At the end, they all had a pile of blue stones. That’s intuition at work! If we consider the throat chakra again, maybe that can offer some insight for this group of friends and why they all gravitated toward the color blue. A lot of how we choose our stones is visual, but it’s also deeply personal. Maybe they just had a breakthrough conversation at lunch. Or maybe they were still looking for the right words to say.

Find the Stone That Speaks to You

Using the chakra system as a guide, rather than an “absolute” system to follow will help ensure that you embrace your own intuition. If you want to narrow your focus, it can be a helpful place to start. But only you know how to choose the best crystal or stone for you.

Everyone has different tastes, so as long as you practice tapping into your own intuition, you’ll be well on your way to selecting a fantastic piece. You can set an intention to find a stone that correlates with something going on in your life right now. Or you can simply let yourself get pulled in by the color, shape, feel, and overall energy or vibe. Allow yourself to have a little fun in the process! Your intuition will help get you where you want to go.