The Power of Carnelian: Boosting Confidence and Creativity

Also called “red agate,” carnelian crystals might remind you of the setting sun. Their colors range from a translucent yellow-orange to rich reds and deep, semi-opaque rusty browns or scarlet. Carnelian’s range of hues comes from iron oxide, and the stone is one of the most popular types of chalcedony crystals. A lot of people are attracted to its energy, especially when they want to invite a little more “zip” into their life or renew their creative spirit.

 How Carnelian Connects with the Energetic Body

 The metaphysical body identifies with specific colors for each chakra. So carnelian crystals are a natural choice when you want to heal or connect with your sacral chakra, which corresponds with the color orange. But you can also find carnelian working on your root chakra, and even the heart chakra too. The stone is often associated with fertility and childbirth, as well sexual energy. Ancient Egyptians even believed that carnelian had meaningful ties to the mother goddess Isis.

 This is definitely a crystal for embracing the divine feminine. Since the strongest element with carnelian crystals is fire, you might consider working with carnelian to tap into a renewed sense of passion and confidence in your relationships. The stone can also become a tool for boosting your internal motivation or overall stamina. By tapping into the sacral chakra, the center for personal desire, carnelian empowers us to pursue new interests and take on new challenges.

 Setting Your Intentions for Carnelian

 As an action-oriented crystal, carnelian can help dispel tendencies for procrastination, creative blocks, or indecision. Think of it this way: Carnelian encourages movement and personal growth. But you can’t just sit back and wait for its energy to start working on you! In order for carnelian to start making a difference in your life, you’ve got to set your own intentions with the crystal. In that sense, your personal energy needs to activate the crystal first. Then it can start to lend its energy back to you.

 Some of the most popular intentions to set with carnelian relate to a significant life change or a type of rebirth. Carnelian is one of the transformer crystals. You could also think of carnelian as a stone that ignites joy, as well as courage. It helps bring new outlooks, energy, and prosperity into our lives. When you know what you want to invite into your life, carnelian can offer positivity and definitely help guide you toward a brighter future.

 Ready to Find Your Own Carnelian Stones?

 There will always be times when we need a little boost to spur on our inner drive. Turning to carnelian can be a great way to get the support you need. That might be the strength to continue your journey or the strength make a change and take that first step toward something exciting and new. Being able to balance our root and sacral chakras is often the foundation for holistic growth. And with honest intentions, carnelian crystals can serve as a beacon for your ongoing progress.

 Whether you want to add a piece of carnelian jewelry to your collection or you’re just looking for a palm stone, we’re constantly adding new carnelian crystals into our inventory. Please be sure to browse our latest selections and check back often! We love hand-selecting our material and helping people invite healing crystals into their lives. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!